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Why I Haven't Been Banned from Target

Target is my absolute favorite store. Of all time. Period. About 80% of my life comes from there. Most would say I have a problem or even a full on addiction. I will admit, I’ve talked to my therapist about my feverish love for Target. It all boiled down to me learning to separate my "wants" from my "needs". Sounds simple enough but for someone who uses shopping as a coping mechanism, not so much. We settled on “is there a way you can still shop there but on a budget?” That question flipped a switch in my brain because after that conversation I decided I would begin using my resources to budget & save, especially because our newborns were FRESH out, and babies demand money without actually asking. Aside from Target being the hub for everything I needed, it is a baby haven too!!! BUT, the challenge was to budget & save. Here are the 3 ways I’ve saved over $700 while shopping at Target this past year & haven’t been banned by my husband or therapist :)

1. The Target RedCard.
There is a debit & credit version of this card-I have the debit (I need another credit card like I need a hole in my head). The Target RedCard debit links to your regular checking account and automatically saves users 5% on entire purchase every trip. 5% doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s better than zero!

2. Target Circle.
Formally Cartwheel, Target Circle is a digital couponing of sorts. It varies from manufacturer coupons, store coupons & category coupons. AND you can combine coupon types AND RedCard 5%! No worries if you don’t have a RedCard, you still will earn 1% cash back on every purchase that you can use toward future purchases. Just download the Target app.
3. Fetch Rewards.
This isn’t specific to Target but since I shop there so often, it reaps me the most benefit time & time again. Fetch Rewards is an app where you scan your store receipts (Target, Walmart, grocery stores, etc) and earn points based on the items you purchase. Points are then redeemed for gift cards.(hundreds of brands to choose from) Earn more points by referring others-I’ll drop my referral link below.
Easy peasy, right? RIGHT!
No more sneaking the infamous Red & White bags in the house-now its just, “how much did you save today, babe?”

A win-win for all



Want a RedCard? Sign up using lemommytingz’ referral link:

Lets play Fetch! Sign up using my referral link & we’ll both earn 2000 points: use code MQQWF during sign up (found in App Store or Google Play)