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    Le Mommy Tingz was created to help moms navigate motherhood a little easier. In this blog we will share our experiences, give tips, and create a safe space to community our likes and dislikes as parents.

    We all know there are different levels to motherhood. Moms have good days and bad days and that’s ok. However, what’s important is how you handle these days. Le Mommy Tingz will assist with dealing with those WTF days, good days and the bad ones! We would love if you all shared with us and let us know what stage or level of motherhood you are one!

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    Greetings! I am a first time mom to infant twin boys. Never ever did I imagine this would be my life. Now that it is, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Executive turned stay at home mom, I’m still trying to figure things out with my new “job”. Motherhood has forced me to become organized and develop a routine-a far cry from the laissez fare and carefree spirit I was not so long ago. Pieces of that Nicole are still there, but quickly retreat when two infants are screaming & inconsolable. Don’t get me wrong, becoming a mom hasn’t stopped me from being me, its just created a better version of me. I still enjoy the same things, hanging with friends, pampering myself, etc., but with a different perspective and with my family in mind. I have so much to learn and experience on this journey and am absolutely overjoyed about it all.

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    Hi I’m Kaila and I have a two year old daughter, Chloe. Life has not always been a walk in the park since having Chloe, but I have learned to make the best of things. In the beginning, learning to make time for more than just Chloe was challenging. I breastfed for fourteen months so we were very close and connected. I also took Chloe to work with me for the first six months before sending her to daycare.

    I think making a detailed schedule that included everything from my work day to self care days helped A LOT. Since then, balancing everything has been much easier and manageable. I was even able to go back to school and obtain a third degree once I figured out what worked for me.

    Lastly, I would say don’t think you have to lose who you are once you become a mother. It is very important to to make time for your self, like you make time for the baby!!!!

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